Luggage size recommended when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Luggage size recommended when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

The recommended luggage size for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro depends on the specific trekking company and the type of trek you’re undertaking. In general, most companies recommend duffel bags or backpacks with a capacity of aJround 70-90 liters. This size should provide enough space for your clothing, sleeping bag, and other personal items.

It’s important to note that while you may need a larger bag for your main luggage, you’ll likely have a porter to carry it for you during the trek. However, there are weight limits for porter loads, and it’s typically around 15-20 kg (33-44 lbs) depending on the trekking company.

In addition to your main bag, you’ll also need a daypack to carry essentials like water, snacks, a camera, and any other items you may need during the day. A daypack with a capacity of 20-30 liters is usually sufficient.

Always check with your trekking company for specific recommendations, as requirements may vary. Keep in mind that packing light and efficiently is essential for a successful and comfortable climb, so carefully consider the items you bring and ensure they are appropriate for the challenging conditions of the climb

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